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Ed Kluz

Ed Kluz Felbrigg Hall NorfolkEd Kluz is fascinated by the past and inspired by our architectural heritage.

He seeks out the eccentric, the lost and the overlooked – vanished buildings, follies, centuries old text, ancient imagery – and uses them as starting points for vibrant paintings and prints that explore themes of renewal, reinvention and the passing of time.

“I am fascinated by the past. Our architectural heritage is a huge source of inspiration for me. The great edifices of the realm, past and present, have always conveyed a sense of power, which fails to dwindle with the passing centuries. Even the overgrown foundations of a long demolished country house hold a melancholic power as does the shattered body of a great abbey.”

Ed’s detailed and meticulous research into early Renaissance painting has led him to experiment with and reinterpret centuries old traditional techniques. Amongst other materials, he works with egg tempera, gum Arabic, gold leaf on vellum and gessoed oak panels. He also shares an affinity with the British art movement of the early to mid 20th century. He believes strongly in the role of the artist as designer and embraces all forms of image making, from printmaking and textile design to illustration and painting.

Ultimately Ed’s work tells stories by representing or recreating known and unknown histories.

“So many of our great buildings have been lost, yet still many survive. I seek the standing and the fallen and in turn aim to create images which look at the very fabric of our identity.”

Ed studied at the Winchester School of Art.

Ed Kluz's Online Gallery

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Ed Kluz Felbrigg Hall
Ed Kluz
Ed Kluz - Wymondham Abbey
Ed Kluz Raynham Hall
Ed Kluz Burghley House   Ed Kluz Moreton Hall   Ed Kluz Hardwick Hall
Ed Kluz Fountains Hall        

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