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Rory McShane

Trained at Bristol Polytechnic, the Royal Academy Schools and the Royal College of Art, Rory has taught full time in Norwich schools since 1991 and is currently head of Art at Thorpe St. Andrews High School.

Rory has had a number of exhibitions at the Assembly House in Norwich in recent years and has taken part in the Norwich Print Fair since 2001. He has also exhibited with the Bettina Morton Gallery in London. In 2005 he took part in the ‘Landscape 200’ exhibition at the Castle Museum in Norwich, celebrating 200 years of the ‘Norwich School of Artists’. He has recently been invited to join the ‘Norwich 20 Group’ of artists.

Rory’s prints and paintings are a response to the landscape surrounding his Norfolk home – reacting to the ‘elemental’ and often harsh qualities of the Norfolk landscape; from the half-flooded fields in winter, muddy tracks, oak trees reflected in puddles to the patterns made by ploughing, often contrasted with almost geometric industrial farm buildings.

Rory uses a number of printmaking techniques to produce his work - woodcuts, linocuts and carborundum etchings. In Rory’s words “there is is a resonance between the process of cutting the block; at times imposing forms and at other times allowing the underlying grain to show through; and the landscape itself, which has gone through a similar process of being scoured and worked over time”.

Rory McShane's Online Gallery

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